Ottawa marks CWS 105th anniversary via special gathering


Date Posted: July 1, 2023

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In commemoration of the 105th anniversary of the Children’s Worship Service (CWS), the leadership of the Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa, in Canada, held a special gathering for CWS officers, members, and their parents, on June 4, 2023.

Brother Jose Razon II, district supervising minister, officiated at the place of worship of the Local Congregation of Montreal, Quebec, which served as the host site. “Both the Church Administration and parents have an obligation in molding the children towards becoming active and faithful members of the Church,” he said, which was why in his preaching of a Bible-based lesson, he taught about the proper and righteous way of guiding children in their worship of God to make sure that they give glory to Him despite their young age.

The remote sites wherein other attendees gathered were the places of worship of the local congregations of Moncton, New Brunswick; Halifax, Nova Scotia; and Nepean, Ontario.

“This event is very important because we’re reminded of our obligations during worship services, and every day of our life as well,” said Melissa Ibañez, CWS officer from the Local Congregation of Saint Laurent, Quebec.

“With all that are going on in the world, children can be easily influenced and swayed by wrong ideas,” Carlo Marquez, CWS teacher from Montreal Local Congregation, said. “Special gatherings such as this strengthen them and us, officers, for we are reminded on how we should cherish our divine election, that is, our membership in the Church,” he added.

“In one of the lectures of our Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo Manalo, he mentioned that if we want to know the future of the Church, we need to look at the youth,” Brother Ramfel Serreno, district secretary, said. “It’s vital that we have special gatherings like this, so that the youth are all the more reminded to always hold on to the words of our Almighty God.” — With reports from Nina Nobello of INC News Section