Outdoor activity brings together brethren from Jerusalem


Date Posted: February 16, 2022

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On January 22, 2022, an outdoor activity brought together Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members from the Local Congregation of Jerusalem, Israel. The Fun Walk and Physical Fitness activity was held at the Haas Promenade, one of tourist destinations in Israel.

The 1,300 foot-long Haas Promenade is part of the three-segment Armon Hanatziv Promenade, better known in the country as “The Tayelet.” It offers a view of the iconic Old City (of Jerusalem) as well as the Mount of Olives, from where the Lord Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, as recorded in the Bible.

The outdoor event was the first face-to-face activity for the whole local congregation under the new normal, as they conducted previous activities online. The brethren made sure to comply with the government-implemented health and safety protocols.

“We live an active life, that is, physically, and most of all, spiritually,” said Brother Milson Capuno, a ministerial worker, who led the activity. “Joining Church activities like this shows to our Almighty God that we uphold unity, which is a commandment of His being taught by the Church Administration.”

The walk along the promenade served as the warm up for the brethren as they, later on, went to perform a series of exercise routines. Not only did it give them a chance to engage in a physical fitness activity but, more importantly, socialize with fellow brethren after the months-long of lockdown.

The Local Congregation of Jerusalem, as well as other local congregations in Israel, is supervised by the Ecclesiastical District of Mediterranean. — With reports from INC News Section