Pimentas GWS rises in Sao Paolo, Brazil


Date Posted: February 2, 2022

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“God’s love through the Church Administration is truly felt. Having the place of worship here in Pimentas has all the more inspired me. Not only can I always worship God but I can also invite my family and relatives, also my neighbors, to join us in our services to God,” Maria Helena Das Graças said of the newest group worship service (GWS) in Brazil.

On January 16, 2022, she and her fellow pioneering members held the Pimentas GWS’ inaugural worship service, which was officiated by Brazil Ecclesiastical District’s supervising minister, Brother Rene Manansala. He preached from the Bible how God’s true servants should give high regard to His words that they receive primarily during worship services by constantly obeying them all. He emphasized that by doing so, they not only glorify God but also assure themselves of receiving His blessings, especially the grace of salvation on Judgment Day.

On behalf of the congregation, Brother Russel Pilaza, resident minister, said, “We will all the more unite with the Church Administration through participating in all the activities being launched, especially the intensified propagation of the faith. With God’s mercy and help, we hope He will call more of our fellowmen here in Pimentas to be inside the Church Of Christ.”

The place of worship of the new GWS is at Rua Teresa Ackel, 1038
Parque Sao Miguel Guarulhos, at the outskirts of Sao Paolo. It is roughly 20 kilometers away from where the brethren used to attend worship services. — With reports from INC News Section