Romblon District renovates, rededicates Tabobo-an house of worship


Date Posted: June 14, 2022

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The house of worship of the Local Congregation of Tabobo-an, Ecclesiastical District of Romblon, underwent a full renovation and was rededicated to God on May 21, 2022. The sacred gathering was led by Brother Allan Ladera, district supervising minister.

“This is yet another successful proof of God’s work for His nation. We will take good care of it; we will never forsake it for this is where we receive the God-given strength [we need], and where He, first and foremost, promises to answer our prayers,” Brother Ladera said.

“What an elating feeling to praise God here!” enthused Raciel Galicia, choir member, who was inspired by the house of worship. “It’s beautiful,” she added.

On behalf of the congregation, Michael John Tan, resident ministerial worker, said, “We will give utmost importance to the house of worship, so that God will continue to love and care for us.”

The said house of worship, now equipped with a Johannus Organ, is situated at Barangay Tabobo-an, Odiongan in Tablas Island, one of the three major islands that comprise Romblon province in the Philippines. Together with the house of worship, the Church Administration had a generator house built. — With reports from INC News Section