San Jose, Mindoro Occidental congregation edifies youth via special gathering


Date Posted: December 8, 2022

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Part of a district-wide effort so that youth members in San Jose, Mindoro Occidental are further edified in the faith as the KADIWA and Binhi organizations reach their 49th anniversary, a special gathering was held by the Local Congregation of San Jose on November 19, 2022; the attendees gathered at the congregation’s house of worship.

Brother Michael Catubig, resident minister, led the holy occasion. Through the Bible, he reminded the attendees to strive to attain knowledge by being diligent in their studies; but, he pointed out to them, that above worldly knowledge, they should always choose to listen to and heed God’s teachings.

“For the KADIWA and Binhi members here in our district to be steadfast in serving our Lord God, special gatherings such as this is vital. In this occasion, they receive God’s words which serve as their guide in life,” said Brother Novo Africano, district Christian Family Organizations (CFO) overseer. “We will continue to encourage them to actively participate in the organizations’ activities.

“After today, we, officers, will plan more activities for the youth here in our congregation to participate in to make them all the more active in their faith,” Lynette Encila, a district KADIWA officer, said. “We will also visit brethren from other congregations in order to know their situation. We will lead them to remain zealous as they perform their Church duties in serving our Lord God.” — With reports from INC News Section