San Juan house of worship filled with guests in evangelical mission

San Juan house of worship filled with guests in evangelical mission


Date Posted: November 19, 2023

Through the concerted efforts of the members of the Local Congregation of San Juan, Ecclesiastical District of Metro Manila East, Philippines, their house of worship was filled to capacity during the evangelical mission they conducted on October 20, 2023.

With the Lord’s help, they were able to bring hundreds of guests, a number of whom afterwards expressed their intent to continue attending Bible studies regularly held in their congregation.

One of them, named Zedrick Asuncion, said, “I want to know more about the doctrines upheld in the Church. I want to prove by myself that it truly teaches the true words of God.”

Indeed, the evangelical mission had as topic the true Church established by the Lord Jesus Christ as proven in the Bible.

“It’s the Iglesia Ni Cristo. That’s what is written in the Holy Scriptures,” said Mr. Asuncion, recalling what he learned during the proclamation of God’s words by Brother Pepito Valdez.

In the Bible-based lesson he delivered, the congregation’s resident minister emphasized that the Church that people must join to ensure their salvation on Christ’s Second Advent is the Church Of Christ.

“Having learned that the one true Church built by Christ is none other than the Iglesia Ni Cristo or Church Of Christ, where people must join for them to attain salvation on Judgment Day, has inspired me to continue examining the doctrines this Church upholds, in order for me to receive salvation on Christ’s return,” said another guest named Andrea Faith Gravante. — With reports from INC News Section