South Korea youth reminded of top priorities in KADIWA Forum


Date Posted: September 15, 2023

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KADIWA members from the Ecclesiastical District of South Korea received reminders and further guidance in conducting their everyday life especially with regards their top priorities as true Christians. 

This was during the KADIWA Forum, for which they convened at the places of worship of their respective local congregations and group worship services on August 21, 2023. Each congregation and group’s resident minister or ministerial worker served as the host and main resource speaker.

The forum aimed to re-emphasize to the participants that despite everything happening in the world today, they must prioritize doing the things that give glory to the Lord God. Also discussed were the Christian values that every Church Of Christ member should uphold.

In an interview after the event, Rica Cernero said it was reinforced in her that “Involving yourself in these kind of activities keeps you away from temptations of this world. Joining these kinds of activities bring you closer to God.”

Rica is a member of the Local Congregation of Incheon and a student in a technical college in the said city. Being new in the country and having dealt with peer pressure, stressful competitions, and even homesickness, she felt blessed for what the things she learned and the experience of being with fellow KADIWA members during their forum.

“I thank Brother Eduardo Manalo for having these kinds of activities for it helps me to remind to choose the right things always, and that no matter where we are, we are Christians,” Rica said. — With reports from Chris Pugay of INC News Section