Special gatherings in Japan districts edify officers


Date Posted: December 31, 2023

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Church officers from the ecclesiastical districts of Nagoya and Tokyo, Japan convened for the respective special gatherings and oath-taking of new officers on December 3, 2023.

In the Ecclesiastical District of Nagoya, Japan, brethren attended the holy gathering via livestreaming at the houses of worship of their respective local congregations with that of the Local Congregation of Nagoya serving as the host site.


Brother Manny Benedicto officiated at the holy gathering. Citing from the Bible, he emphasized how blessed one is when he is entrusted a duty in the Church. The district supervising minister further encouraged the brethren to diligently fulfill their God-given duties no matter what they experience in this life.

Meanwhile, in the Ecclesiastical District of Tokyo, Japan, the Local Congregation of Yokohama served as the host site of the holy gathering with the remaining 21 local congregations, three extensions, and six group worship services (GWS) being remote sites.

Brother Amante Rodriguez, district supervising minister, taught from the Bible that God expects those whom He has entrusted duties to be good examples of being faithful and obedient to His commands.

“I promise to God that I will continue fulfilling my duty and I will never stop doing so no matter how hard life could be,” stated Naoki Imoto, organist from the Local Congregation of Kobe, Ecclesiastical District of Nagoya, Japan.

“Membership in the Church keeps increasing. That is why additional officers who will help in taking care of the brethren are being added,” said Brother Benedicto. “But, for that to happen, the Church Administration led by the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo Manalo, continues to encourage more brethren to accept duties in the Church.” — With reports from Emerona Albo and Jansen Danganan of INC News Section