Sportsmanship and brotherly love shine in Tokyo District’s Unity Games


Date Posted: August 29, 2022

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Amid the competitive mood of the players in the INC Unity Games held by the Ecclesiastical District of Tokyo, Japan on August 16, 2022, sportsmanship and brotherly love reigned during the whole event held at the Kyodo-no-mori General Gymnasium, in Fuchu, Japan.

With the assistance of Christian Family Organizations (CFO) officers, district supervising minister Brother Manny Benedicto led the sporting event. “We are joyous and all the more inspired. The unity among the brethren is truly evident,” he observed.

Basketball and volleyball were the event’s highlights. In between the elimination and final matches, brethren from the audience had also enjoyed playing fun games such as tug of war and sack race.

“For the past years, gathering for Unity Games was impossible due to the pandemic. Now that we’re able, it indeed made us all the more zealous in the faith,” said Vicente Sia from the Local Congregation of Shizouka.

The team playing for Shinagawa and Kawasaki and the team representing Gunma, Ibaraki, Fukushima, and Tochigi won in basketball and volleyball, respectively. — With reports from INC News Section