Three congregations in Germany jointly hold ‘Welcome, My Brethren’


Date Posted: August 9, 2022

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On July 2, 2022, three neighboring congregations of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) in Germany jointly held a “Welcome, My Brethren” activity by hosting a bowling activity for newly baptized brethren and guests in recent evangelical missions. Brethren from the local congregations of Frankfurt and Frankfurt City, and the Wiesbaden Group Worship Service (GWS), which are all administered under the Ecclesiastical District of Central Europe, held the activity at the Bowling World in Frankfurt, Germany.

Both the brethren and nonmembers brought along their loved ones. The activity gave the attendees a chance to bond while playing and meaningful conversations over light snacks.

After bowling, attendees watched a short video presentation introducing the Church Of Christ. Afterwards, Brother Christian Reynoso, minister of the gospel, gave a short message on how both the physical and spiritual trainings are beneficial but, as he highlighted, it is the latter that is more important as it leads to salvation when Judgment Day comes.

“Playing bowling with the brethren is enjoyable, while the Bible study is moving, especially the way the prayer was conducted. It awed me,” said Freddie Bär, a guest from Mainz, who was invited over to the activity by his friend, Francis Pangan, a Binhi member from the Wiesbaden.

Nu San Thee, a nurse invited by Marilyn Celetaria from the Local Congregation of Frankfurt, conveyed her joy, “This activity has allowed me to take a breather from the stress of my work.” That is why, she added, “I want to get to know more about the Church Of Christ.” — With reports from INC News Section