Union City children showcase talents


Date Posted: December 23, 2023

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The Local Congregation of Union City, Ecclesiastical District of Northwest California organized a ‘Children’s Worship Service (CWS) Talent Show’ on November 25, 2023.

Brother Allen Santiago, resident minister, led the CWS officers in this event that was held at the compound of the Local Congregation of Fremont.

During the activity, the CWS members showcased their talents. Some played musical instruments, others either sang or danced, and still others presented their skill in narrating a story. They received applause after every performance, especially from their parents, who were very delighted seeing them perform their respective talents.

Lorenzo Megia, a CWS member, stated, “I’m happy for I was able to exhibit my talent before the brethren. I hope that I made them happy also, especially my parents and, even more, the Lord God.” His parent, Danilo Megia, expressed, “It’s so nice to see the children involved in a way where they can show their fellow friends their talents in such young age.”

“It’s always a blessing to see children as they grow up to be strong and faithful members in the Church,” said Kassie Labanon, a CWS teacher. “On my part, I will continue leading my younger brothers and sisters in the faith in the right way of serving God.” — With reports from Jayben Neria of INC News Section