‘Welcome, My Brethren’ in South Korea cultivates Christian camaraderie


Date Posted: August 25, 2023

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Before the anniversary month of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) ended, its members from the Ecclesiastical District of South Korea continued expressing their thankfulness to God and jubilance for the 109th year of the Church by getting together for a “Welcome, My Brethren” activity on July 30, 2023.

Current members, newly baptized members, doctrinal instructees, prospective members, and guests across the district gathered in two venues: at the function halls of the Local Congregations of Ansan and Daegu.

“With the guidance of the Church Administration through the Christian Family Organizations (CFO), this activity not only aimed to make time for brethren to bond but more importantly to show those in the process of entering the Church that there is true joy in participating in Church works,” said Brother Victorino Manaois, minister of the gospel and district Light of Salvation overseer.

Fun games that promote Christian values were the main attraction. Tokens of appreciation for the winners and attendees were given out. Also, performances of INC original music renditions gave joy to those who attended.

“Ever since I became a Bible student, I’ve never felt left out. It’s always so welcoming to be in the Church especially when I attend worship services. As a newly-baptized member, this activity is so remarkable. It emphasized the truth that to be a member of the true Church is indeed a blessing,” said Arienne Reigh Pavico from the Local Congregation of Gwangju-si.

Currently, South Korea District is led by the supervising minister, Brother Roderick Yome. The district oversees 16 local congregations and five group worship services (GWS). — With reports from Chris Pugay of INC News Section