Western Europe holds synchronous Buklod Night in six venues


Date Posted: January 15, 2023

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In time for the 60th year of the Buklod organization, the Ecclesiastical District of Western Europe designated six venues for their Buklod Night this year, giving more married couples the chance to attend the well-meant activity held synchronously on December 23, 2022.

The six venues designated by the district leadership were not only in the French cities of Paris, Marseille, and Nice but also in three other countries: Aalst, Belgium; Geneva, Switzerland; and Monaco. Buklod members attended in the venue nearest them, taking the opportunity to spend quality time with their respective spouses, as well as their fellow Church members.

During the first part of the Buklod Night, all sites virtually connected, giving the brethren a chance not only to see fellow married couples from other local congregations in the district but also sing the Buklod Hymn together. A live interview of long time couples dispensed valuable insights about how marriage can be successful, creating memorable moments with their respective spouse, and staying romantic through the years.

“We are thankful to our Lord God because of this activity that made the bond of the Buklod members more fervent,” Brother Zjefley Morano, minister of the gospel from Marseille, France Congregation, enthused.

Fun games were then facilitated by Buklod officers in each of the sites.

“This kind of activity approved by the Church Administration is very valuable for each married couple because it further strengthens their love for each other,” Romeo Elevado, Buklod president of Marseille, France Local Congregation, said. “This gave us inspiration and further strength for us to continue our services to God.” — With reports from INC News Section