Zambales South commemorates INC 109th anniversary via sharing of faith


Date Posted: August 12, 2023

Right after the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) reached its 109th anniversary on July 27, 2023, its members from the Ecclesiastical District of Zambales South, in the Philippines, invited guests the next day to attend evangelical missions conducted at houses of worship throughout the district as their way of commemorating such important occasion.

Brother Rodrigo A. Reyes, district supervising minister, preached God’s words at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of San Antonio, while Brother Ronald Reyes, assistant district supervising minister, at San Narciso Local Congregation’s house of worship. Together with other fellow officiating ministers, they taught the attendees God’s pronouncement about the nearing Judgment Day. They proved using the Bible that people must be found in the true Church to receive God’s promise of salvation on that day.

“I visited my old acquaintances in our area to invite them to our evangelical mission,” said Jose Escalona, ​​a deacon from the San Narciso Congregation. “Fortunately, with God’s help, many of them attended,” he added.

“We in San Narciso will continue helping out in the propagation work not only for the success of the Church but most especially for the glory of the Lord God,” said Brother Cristino Onia, resident minister. — With reports from Jennydoll Cadeliña of INC News Section