Zamboanga Del Norte congregations hold simultaneous evangelical missions


Date Posted: November 15, 2023

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All the local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Zamboanga Del Norte simultaneously conducted evangelical missions on October 17, 2023 in their respective houses of worship.

One of these was the Polanco Congregation, whose officers and members started preparing upon receiving instructions about the matter, according to their resident ministerial worker. “When we were told that an evangelical mission will be held, we conducted devotional prayers, and distributed Pasugo: God’s Message magazines to our fellowmen,” stated Brother Jerome Aristoteles. “The evangelical missions were held to fulfill the will of God that more people will come to the knowledge of truth for their salvation.”

“We felt excited when we were told that an evangelical mission will be held in our local congregation,” concurred the congregation’s head deacon, Cresincio Ageas Jr. “Every day, prior to the activity, my family prayed for us to have many guests. Our prayers were heard.”

With God’s help, their congregation’s preparation as well as that of the rest paid off in that they were able to bring many guests. Not a few of the guests expressed interest to continue attending Bible studies in the Church Of Christ to know more about the truth it upholds, especially on the true and only way for people to be saved on Judgment Day. 

They were indeed introduced to that essential topic during the proclamation of God’s words held by each congregation. Citing from the Holy Scriptures, the officiating ministers in each venue stressed the importance of membership in the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) towards the attainment of salvation.

Marriel Iran, one of the guests of the Polanco Congregation, observed, “Upon entering the chapel, I noticed first that everything was in order—males and females are seated separately, and the gathering is solemnly held.” Regarding the lesson taught, she stated, “What caught my attention was about the need for one to enter the Church Of Christ to be saved for the Lord Jesus Christ will save only those inside His Church.” — With reports from Aubrey Sayson of INC News Section