Another GWS in Malta inaugurated


Date Posted: October 1, 2023

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Now the second group worship service (GWS) in the island country of Malta, the Gozo GWS in the Ecclesiastical District of Mediterranean held its inaugural worship service on September 4, 2023.

“During worship services, we can all the more bring to God our cares and pray for our needs. So, having a GWS in Gozo is a blessing for the brethren in this place because now, the worship service has been brought nearer to them,” said Brother Erwin Rivas, resident ministerial worker of the Local Congregation of Bugibba, Malta and overseeing ministerial worker of the Gozo GWS.

Previously attending in the house of worship of Bugibba, which is about 25 kilometers away from their houses (approximately one hour drive), the brethren in Gozo will now hold their own worship services at Asri Court Flat 4, Triq II, Municipju Ruman Victorio, Gozo, VCT 2520, Malta, the residence of Van Calinao, who was instated as the GWS overseer of Gozo.

The inaugural worship service was officiated at by Brother Ramil Regino, district supervising minister. During his Bible-based homily, he taught the brethren the value of possessing humility and obedience to God’s will, exemplified by no less than the Lord Jesus Christ.

“The newly established GWS will help the brethren to fulfill man’s inherent obligation, which is to serve and glorify the Father in heaven,” shared Brother Regino in an interview after the worship service. He added, “We thank God above all. Likewise, we are so grateful for the constant support and guidance of our Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, as we strive to uphold our spiritual fervor in worshiping God.”

Expressing his joy over the newly inaugurated GWS, Van assured that “even if we are in a remote area, we will remain united with the Church Administration in devoting ourselves to worship services and also in helping share God’s words with people in this part of the world.” — With reports from Milson Christian Capuno and Jestila Michelle Quebrar of INC News Section