Bangsar kids show intellectual prowess


Date Posted: September 22, 2023

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Eight children in the Local Congregation of Bangsar, Ecclesiastical District of Malaysia showed their knowledge on general information in the Children’s Worship Service (CWS) General Knowledge Quiz Bee held on August 23, 2023 at their place of worship.

The quiz consisted of 30 multiple choice questions, equally divided into three rounds—easy, moderate, and difficult—with one point for each correct answer. After the activity, cookies and a set of stationeries were given both to the winners and other participants.

The young members competed in pairs, with Ram Jacob Levita and Blaier Gajero both garnering first place; James Jabadan Jr. and Riley Yzabelle Levita in second place; Jam Esric Jabadan and Wezley Maverix Diguangco in third place.

“What I enjoyed most in this activity was when I already knew the answers to the questions,” Jam Esric shared.

Concerning how the children benefited from the said activity, district CWS chairperson Michael Carza said, “Repeated exposure to facts through quizzes can improve memory retention and recall. Quizzes provide a form of entertainment that’s both enjoyable and educational.” — With reports from Kate Sebastian of INC News Section