Biblical truth about God enlightens guests in Apid Island


Date Posted: April 8, 2022

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“I am very thankful because we were taught God’s words written in the Bible and I learned more about the true God,” said Felisa Baleroso, a guest in the recent evangelical mission in Apid Island, an hour off the coast of Inopacan, Southern Leyte, Philippines.

On March 22, 2022, brethren enlisted in the Local Congregation of Inopacan, which is in the mainland of Leyte, traveled more than an hour by a motor boat to invite the islanders to listen to the words of God in the evangelical mission at the village’s covered basketball court. The propagational event was led by the district supervising minister, Brother Marvin Garlitos.

In his homily, Brother Garlitos expounded from the Bible Who the true God is and what the proper manner of worshiping Him is. He presented to attendees proofs in the Bible that the true worship of God could only be done inside the Church Of Christ and doing so would lead to the attainment of everlasting life in the Holy City.

Juanita Leonor, a guest, was glad to attend the evangelical mission. She explained, “Listening from the words of God taught to us made me realize about the true God I ought to worship. Thank you for coming into the island.” — With reports from INC News Section