Church membership in Luzon districts grows


Date Posted: February 15, 2024

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Ecclesiastical districts in Luzon, Philippines, reaped the fruits of their continuous intensified work in propagation through baptisms held during the last week of the month of January 2024. Among the districts that conducted baptisms were Cavite; Rosales, Pangasinan; Isabela South; and Quezon City.

“Through baptisms like this, we are able to fulfill the commandment of God taught by Christ that those who have been preached the gospel to and believe in them be baptized in order to be saved,” said Brother Rolly Gamboa, supervising minister of the Ecclesiastical District of Cavite. He officiated the baptismal service at the recently dedicated house of worship of the Noveleta Congregation on January 27.

“This recent one which we have conducted is the result of the united efforts of the ministers, ministerial workers, and brethren in the fruit bearing mission of the Church,” Brother Gamboa added.

A majority of those baptized began their process of joining the Church within the months of July and August, starting with attending the Bible studies on the basic teachings upheld inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ).

Among those newly baptized in the Ecclesiastical District of Rosales, Pangasinan at Tayug house of worship, also on January 27, were husband and wife Arnel and Coleen Tamayo. The couple shared what convinced them to join the Church. “Every doctrine came from the Bible. The questions that we asked, no matter how many, were all answered straight from the Bible,” said Coleen.

Jomar Cabalsi in the Ecclesiastical District of Isabela South, who was baptized on January 27 at Rosario house of worship, shares the same sentiment. Novelyn Pedro of the Maligaya Extension is the one instrumental in his conversion into the Church Of Christ. “I thank Sister Novelyn for inviting me to the Church. Through her, not only was I baptized, but I was also able to invite my family who, God willing, would also receive baptism very soon,” Jomar said.

When asked what inspires her to invite others to the Church’s evangelistic events, Novelyn said, “This is our duty as Christians. God is glorified when we do this and we also prove our unity with the Church Administration.” She added, “Thank God for He allowed my efforts bore fruition.”

Before the would-be full-fledged Church members were baptized, they received biblical reminders from the officiating ministers of their respective gatherings, emphasizing the importance of defending one’s faith and remaining true to God’s teachings until the end.

Teresita Macabagdal, one of the more than 400 newly baptized from the Ecclesiastical District of Quezon City, shared her experiences while still in the process of joining the Church. “When my relatives and neighbors found out I was attending Bible studies and worship services in the Iglesia Ni Cristo, so many of them started to mock me, asking why I would even think of going to the Church’s services. But despite all these, I am convinced that the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the true Church, which is why I made sure I reached the day of my baptism.” — With reports from INC News Section