Congregations from Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey converge for CFO Fun Day


Date Posted: September 30, 2023

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Members of the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) from congregations in the tristate area—Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey—gathered on September 4, 2023 for a day of fun and bonding moments.

Guided by the CFO Office of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), through the New Jersey District supervising minister, Brother Alex M. Reyes, the CFO Family Fun Day was held at the chapel compound of the Local Congregation of Wrightstown. Families of brethren enjoyed fun and interactive activities, including barbeque cook-off and tent decor competition, which further tightened not only their family ties but also their bond as true Christians.

“With a combination of help, unity, and effort of the Buklod, KADIWA, and Binhi officers of the entire Ecclesiastical District of New Jersey, we were able to have a lot of fun-filled activities for each member of the family,” said Brother Bernard Guerzon, district CFO overseer.

Among those who were excited to see his fellow brethren was Dale Michael Schrader, one of the head deacons of the Local Congregation of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Traveling for an hour to the venue, together with his family, was not a hindrance because according to him, “I don’t get to see much of our brethren from other local congregations. So, seeing them and getting to know them better is such a blessing.”

With the same sentiment, Gabriel Grey, a Church member from the Aston Congregation, said about the activity, “It was just wonderful. The love and brotherhood amongst us were excellent.”

Relaying his favorite part of the activity, Kenneth Bautista, from the Elizabeth Congregation in New Jersey, enthused, “I think it was the tug of war. Everyone was really pulling that rope. Everyone was cheering each other on. I’m definitely looking forward to the next activities which are very momentous. It’s the best chance for everyone to get together.”

“It’s important to have activities like this because during such moments, great memories are made and edification for all members of CFO is fulfilled. We thank God for placing a Church Administration, through the guidance of our Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, who is always concerned for our spiritual welfare,” expressed Brother Guerzon. — With reports from Angelica Amores of INC News Section