Congregations in Andalucía, Spain edified, shared faith via INConcert


Date Posted: June 29, 2023

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Brethren from the local congregations in Andalucía Region, Ecclesiastical District of Spain felt further strengthened in their faith which they also shared to nonmembers during the INConcert held at Palacio de Ferias, Congresos y Exposiciones, a convention center in Marbella, Spain on May 28, 2023.


The local congregations in that southernmost region of Spain are Fuengirola and Marbella with the group worship services (GWS) of Sevilla and Gibraltar.

Brother Allan Dela Peña, resident minister of the Local Congregation of Marbella, spearheaded the activity with assistance from Christian Family Organizations (CFO) officers. “This event aimed to draw them nearer to one another, make them active in their divine election, above all, glorify our Lord God,” he said.

The performers from the congregations and GWS sang uplifting Iglesia Ni Cristo original music, which evoked the brethren’s sure hope for the promised salvation. By bringing guests, who included their friends, loved ones, and even their employers, they were able to share the true Christian faith the songs expressed.

“Through our Almighty Father’s help and mercy, we conducted this activity during which many brethren and guests attended,” Ramil Villaluz, head deacon of Marbella Local Congregation and one of the performers, attested. “May our guests also be called in the true Church, and together, we will serve and worship our Lord God.” — With reports from Michelle Limon of INC News Section