Congregations in Kitcharao area work in unison to share the Good News


Date Posted: November 8, 2023

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Four local congregations and two extensions in the Kitcharao area of the Eccleasiastical District of Agusan Del Norte, in the Philippines, worked together in bringing guests to attend the evangelical mission held on October 13, 2023. These are the extensions of Hinimbangan and Jaliobong (Dako ng Canaway), and the Local Congregations of Bangayan, Cuyago, Jaliobong, and Kitcharao, with the latter’s house of worship serving as the host site.

Brother Ruel Zapata, district supervising minister, led the propagational activity. He pointed out to all the guests that they must examine if the religion they belong to is of God. He then proved from the Holy Scriptures that the true religion is none other than the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) of which people must strive to become members to receive salvation on Judgment Day.

“There were so many guests,” observed Marlon Reformina, a head deacon in Kitcharao Congregation. “I will not cease in propagating God’s words so that more people will receive salvation on Judgment Day,” he added.

“Were it not for God’s help, the evangelical mission today would not have been successful,” said Brother Jenard Ambal, resident ministerial worker. “That is why we bring back all the praises and glory to the Lord God. We will continue being instruments to further propagate His words.” — With reports from Joyce Franco of INC News Section