CWS teachers in Calgary attend online confab


Date Posted: August 21, 2022

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On July 30, 2022, Church members who officiate at Children’s Worship Service in the Ecclesiastical District of Calgary, Canada, joined their fellow CWS teachers from the ecclesiastical districts in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Africa in an online conference organized by the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) Office.

Under the supervision of Brother Emmanuel Español, district CFO overseer, delegation from Calgary gathered at the house of worship of the Downtown Congregation, at 804 Macdonald Ave., SE Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Half-a-world away Brother Joseph Amarille, minister of the gospel serving at the CFO Office in the Central Office, led the conference.  In his lecture, he discussed the proper way the CWS teachers should fulfill their sworn duty. He reminded them to strive to remain good role models to the children.

Inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), gatherings like these are held from time-to-time to impart to CWS teachers know-how on the best practices in caring for the children. More importantly, during such gatherings, they are edified through the words of God as they carry out their duties in helping the parents and the Church Administration in molding the children in Church Of Christ households grow up with Christian values.

“This conference helped me spiritually and mentally. It gave me a good reminder of what I should do as a CWS teacher,” said Siegfried Escobar, CWS teacher.

“I’m blessed with such an important duty, being counted among the ones leading the children in worshiping God. Molding them to be faithful and strong members of the Church is indeed being of help for the future of the Church,” said Kaymark Antazo, also a CWS teacher. “Seeing the CWS teachers around the world and knowing that they are performing their duties to the best of their ability, is very inspirational for me to be part of.” — With reports from INC News Section