Forest Heights Congregation is ‘enthusiastic’ in sharing true faith


Date Posted: February 4, 2023

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“Our brethren continue taking part in the missionary works. They are enthusiastic as ever in encouraging people to come and listen to the teachings of God the Church Of Christ upholds. As a result, many guests are willing to continue listening and deciding to undergo Bible studies on doctrines and promised to attend the worship services,” Brother Patrick James Sevilla, resident minister, said.

On January 22, 2023, the Local Congregation of Forest Heights in the Ecclesiastical District of Calgary, Canada, held an evangelical mission, carrying on with the divine mission of propagating the words of God. The brethren, ever eager to fulfill their part so more people will learn the truth that will lead to salvation, invited their friends and loved ones to the said evangelistic activity held at the congregation’s house of worship.


Brother Sevilla preached a Bible-based lesson proving the indispensability of membership in the true Church Of Christ for man to receive salvation on Judgment Day. In his preaching, through a video presentation, he shared with the guests reports about the many activities of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ). He exhorted the guests to continue examining the Church Of Christ as its establishment, subsequent successes, and continued growth are all in the fulfillment of what God decreed for His last work of salvation.

One of those who continuously help in the work of propagation is Marison Barasi. She said, “I again invited my colleagues to attend our evangelical mission. I am hoping that they will soon join the true Church.”

“I enjoy spending time to help in the intensive propagation of God’s words,” Robinson Cabatay, who also invited friends to the evangelical mission. — With reports from INC News Section