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From online to in-person: CFO activities in 2022

Compiled by VINCE T. BASCO

In the first quarter of 2022, in consideration of the rising Covid-19 Omicron variant and sub-variants cases, the Christian Family Organizations (CFO), through the leadership of Brother Angelo Eraño V. Manalo, the CFO Coordinator, held activities online. Towards the second quarter and onwards, with many countries easing restrictions regarding indoor and outdoor social gatherings, the CFO office took the opportunity to launch in-person gatherings.

Let us take a look at some of these activities that provided the brethren a chance to express their unity with the Church Administration, and at the same time edify their faith, love, and hope.

Online activities

CFO Night in Western Europe further brings families together
CFO Night, Western Europe District, January 16, 2022
Australia East conducts two-day music production workshop
Music production workshop, Australia East District, February 20-21, 2022
Brethren from Winnipeg North Congregation join table tennis activity
Table tennis activity, Winnipeg North Congregation, Manitoba District, March 13, 2022

In-person activities

The CFO Day gave family members a chance to bond together as restriction ease in many countries.

CFO Day draws brethren from all over Oregon District
Oregon Ecclesiastical District, May 1, 2022
CFO Day brings enjoyment to the brethren in Taipei
Taipei City Congregation, Taiwan District, June 3, 2022

Unity Games
For sporting events, the INC Unity Games brought together brethren fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship after about two years of restriction in gatherings.

Helsinki, Finland Congregation, Northern Europe District, April 24, 2022
UG brings together teams from Capitol Hill, Brooks, and Medicine Hat
Capitol Hill Congregation and Brooks and Medicine Hat Group Worship Services (GWS), Calgary District, June 19, 2022
Ottawa holds first Unity Games post-lockdowns
District of Ottawa, July 1, 2022
Athens, Thessaloniki brethren meet in joint Unity Games
Athens, Greece Congregation, Mediterranean District, October 29, 2022

Music has been proven as an effective tool in bringing people together. With indoor gatherings allowed, the brethren participated in musical competitions aimed not only in honing their talents but also to express and strengthen their faith.

Tangub choir wins in Negros Occidental District’s ‘Himig ng Kaligtasan’
Himig ng Kaligtasan (Songs of Salvation)-Buklod Edition, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental District, June 12, 2022
Calgary District’s Songs of Faith, Love, and Hope tilt wraps up
Songs of Faith, Love, and Hope, Calgary District, August 28, 2022
INConcert marks KADIWA, Binhi anniversary in Mediterranean District
INConcert, Mediterranean District, October 30, 2022

Other activities
The CFO Office launched a variety of activities for all the members of the organizations from children to married members.

Family Fun Day brings joy for brethren in Milan
Family Fun Day, Milan Congregation, Italy North District, April 25, 2022
Couples from Pineda Congregation attend Buklod Night
Buklod Night, Pineda Congregation, Metro Manila East District, May 15, 2022
New Zealand District’s ‘This is KADIWA’ fosters closer ties among brethren
“This is KADIWA,” New Zealand District, July 10, 2022
Airdrie couple wins in Calgary District’s Mr. and Mrs. Chef
Mr. and Mrs. Chef, Calgary District, August 21, 2022
South Korea District’s Sandalan wins big in regional INCinema Awards
INCinema Awards, Nagoya, Japan District, September 17, 2022
Choose friends wisely: KADIWA, Binhi from Tokyo, Japan District reminded
KADIWA and Binhi Forum, Tokyo, Japan District, September 18, 2022
Brethren in Vaudreuil bond through Nature Walk
Nature Walk, Vaudreuil Group Worship Service (GWS), Ottawa District, October 8, 2022
KADIWA Formal Night, Australia West, October 23, 2022
First CSD Camp hosted by Urdaneta City District
First CSD Camp, District of Urdaneta City, October 29, 2022
Message during special gathering resonates among Calgary Youth
Special gathering of KADIWA and Binhi, Calgary District, November 4, 2022
Youth from Southern Ontario reminded of responsible social media use
Christian Family Youth Summit, Southern Ontario District, November 11, 2022
Friendship Day fosters camaraderie among Binhi members in New Jersey
Binhi Friendship Day, New Jersey District, November 13, 2022

As they have done in this year that is about to pass, officers and members of the various organizations under the CFO look forward to the coming year with much anticipation knowing that with their unity with the activities launch by the Church Administration, they glorify God and further make their hope for salvation strong. — With reports from INC News Section

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