Nazareth GWS in Israel holds inaugural worship service


Date Posted: January 28, 2023

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The Church Administration recently approved the establishment of a group worship service (GWS) in the city of Nazareth, signaling the continued growth of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) in Israel.

The Nazareth GWS’ members, along with those of nearby congregations, held the inaugural worship service on January 10, 2023 at the Ramada Olivie Nazareth Hotel in Derekh ha-Tsiyonut 29, Nazareth. Afterwards, they would conduct their regular worship services at the residence of Emily Balasa in Nir Yafe, Afula, Israel.

“All of the brethren in Israel, are filled with gladness because God continues to work miracles in this part of the world wherein another GWS was added today,” expressed Brother Ramil Regino, Mediterranean District supervising minister, who officiated at the momentous occasion.

“We are overjoyed that there is now a place of worship here in Nazareth. It’s a great blessing. We are thankful that God used as instrument Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, the Executive Minister, so we can hold worship services here and therefore continue worshiping the Lord God,” enthused Flordeliza Sapipi, a secretariat officer in the new GWS.

The brethren in this historical and biblical site in Israel used to attend holy gatherings at the place of worship of the Haifa Local Congregation, approximately 30 kilometers away. With them having organized as a GWS, they can now worship God nearer to their respective homes and workplaces.

“Worship services are vital for us members of the Church Of Christ because we are able to glorify God when we prioritize this holy endeavor,” Emily Balasa, the Nazareth GWS secretary, said.

On behalf of the brethren from Nazareth, Brother Paul Jerome Hernandez, resident ministerial worker, promised, “No matter what hardships we’ll encounter, even if there are calamities and economic difficulties, we will never ever forsake our worship services to God because this is the most important thing in our lives.” — With reports from INC News Section