Officers’ meeting in Milan emphasizes duties’ significance

Officers’ meeting in Milan emphasizes duties’ significance


Date Posted: April 8, 2023

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Accepting and fulfilling duties in the Church Of Christ greatly help in its members’ edification. Such was the biblical point emphasized to the Church officers in the Local Congregation of Milan, Ecclesiastical District of Italy North during their meeting on March 11, 2023.

Brother Joven Laudit, district edification overseer, presided over the event, which was also attended by new officers who took oath of office during the occasion. “Church officers are God’s instruments in taking care of His servants for them to be prepared in receiving salvation,” he proved through the Bible.

Newly-appointed officers have been entrusted with duties in the Christian Family Organizations (CFO), Christian Medical Dental and Paramedical Society (CMDPS), Light Of Salvation (LOS), and Technical Support for Video Streaming (TSV).

“It’s a blessing to have a Church duty. I look forward to fulfilling my obligation and thus be of help to the Church Administration,” Yolanda Manicone, a newly-sworn in LOS secretary, enthused.

“With God’s teachings I’ve received as source of inspiration, I will encourage my fellow brethren to participate in all the activities our congregation conducts,” Bartley Luistro, a group secretary, said.

“More people are being added, or baptized, into the Church, which is why new officers are needed to look after their spiritual welfare,” Brother Gillian Nuguid, resident ministerial worker, explained. “With God’s help, we will encourage more brethren to hold an office in the Church to be one with the Church Administration in edifying the faith of one another.” — With reports from INC News Section