Penrith SCAN refreshes, broadens knowledge on first aid skills


Date Posted: October 15, 2023

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To all the more be responsive and reliable when emergency situations come, the Society of Communicators and Networkers International (SCAN) officers from the Local Congregation of Penrith, Ecclesiastical District of Australia East, attended a refresher seminar on September 17, 2023 at Catch Training, a training centre located at Suite 1/106/108 Queen St., St. Marys New South Wales, Australia.


“The noble aim of our beloved Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo Manalo, in establishing SCAN is to fulfill its slogan ‘Saving lives is our priority,’ which is why it is very important for them to learn and remember first aid skills,” said Brother Luis Baquir, resident minister.

Kimberly Setter-Przekora, a certified first aider trainer, served as the resource speaker. She taught the SCAN members the correct procedure of facilitating first aid, such as the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

“We are so grateful to our Lord God, for through Brother Eduardo Manalo, our Executive Minister, and we were allowed to learn new first aid skills we can use in the performance of our duties, especially during times of emergency,” said Teodulo Carandang, president of SCAN in Penrith Congregation.

Concluding the activity, Brother Baquir inspired all of the attendees through the words of the Lord God, saying He is the One Who can surely keep them safe in these perilous times, which is why they ought to always ask for His guidance and protection by means of prayer. — With reports from Wilson Harold Dulay of INC News Section