Quezon City District hosts CFO Day and Welcome, My Brethren on its 17th anniversary


Date Posted: July 9, 2023

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For its 17th anniversary celebration, the Ecclesiastical District of Quezon City hosted Christian Family Organizations (CFO) Day and Welcome, My Brethren at the Quezon City Memorial Circle on June 18, 2023.

The activities began after the opening remarks by Brother Virgilio A. Del Rosario Sr., district supervising minister, and the opening prayer led by Brother Reynaldo G. Arizala Jr., district edification overseer.

“The commemorative event for this day was held for family members to bond with each other. This is what our Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, wants for every family inside the Church Of Christ, from the parents down to the children to have a harmonious and loving relationship with one another,” said Brother Arvie P. Ramos, district CFO overseer.

Different booths for INC Radio, Christian Era Broadcasting Service International, Incorporated (CEBSI), basketball shooting games, among many others were prepared. There were also entertainment segments such as a live concert, showcasing of musical talents, including solo and choral singing performances, acrobatics, and Bible trivia.

Meanwhile, the Welcome, My Brethren activity also held that day truly welcomed those who are in the process of joining the Church. “It’s my first time attending an activity like this, where there are so many fun games for all who attended. I really had a great time,” said Cynthia Bentula, a prospective member from the Local Congregation of Cubao. “I’m going to attend future activities like this, since I want to learn many more things about the Iglesia Ni Cristo,” she added.

At the event’s conclusion, Brother Danilo J. Gala Jr., assistant district supervising minister, gave the closing remarks, before the closing prayer led by Brother Ramos.

On behalf of the district, Brother Del Rosario conveyed, “First and foremost, we offer all praise to God. Also, our district is thankful to our Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, as well as to the Church’s CFO Coordinator, Brother Angelo Eraño V. Manalo, for approving this event. Truly, the brethren in Quezon City, including the doctrinal instructees and prospective members, are filled with much joy in our celebration of our district’s 17th anniversary.” — With reports from Kate Russel Mabale of INC News Section