Six Church districts in Asia hold regional
Binhi friendship day


Date Posted: June 3, 2022

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In line with the worldwide Christian Family Organizations (CFO) Day, six ecclesiastical districts in Asia held on May 1, 2022 a regional Binhi Friendship Day via videoconferencing. The participating districts included Taiwan; Taiwan South; Tokyo, Japan; Nagoya, Japan; and event host South Korea.

The program started with a video presentation about the responsible use of social media, after which the attendees took a short interactive quiz about the video presentation. Emphasizing that Church members should be careful about what they post online, the video highly recommended that what they should share through social media are contents carried by the Church’s official websites, such as,, and, which introduce the biblical teachings upheld by the Church Of Christ.

The Binhi members also played an online geography quiz, the purpose of which was to make the young brethren more aware of the location of the Philippines,

where the sacred works of the Church began in these last days, and the places it has reached overseas. Then, prerecorded performances by Binhi representatives from each participating district were presented, showcasing their various talents.

In the “Let’s be friends” segment, the Binhi members were introduced briefly, sharing their favorite music genre, favorite Iglesia Ni Cristo Christian Music, dream job, and hobbies. — With reports from INC News Section