Special gathering edifies Quezon City officers, prospects


Date Posted: October 11, 2023

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Church officers with their prospective recruits in various departments convened in the houses of worship of their respective local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Quezon City to attend a special gathering that was held on September 15, 2023.

With the Local Congregation of Fairview being the host site, brethren gathered in 31 other sites across the district connected via livestreaming. The Church officers wore their respective department’s uniforms, while other attendees arrived in white clothes.

Brother Raul Ysagun Sr., district Church officers overseer, led the congregation in a prayer before the homily. Then, Brother Virgilio Del Rosario Sr., district supervising minister, led the study of God’s words. Citing from the Holy Scriptures, he expounded on the importance of being fully dedicated to performing the duties God has entrusted them with. He emphasized that a Church officer is prepared to perform his duties even when there are problems, troubles, and devastating calamities because of his love for the Church. He also encouraged the prospective officers to accept Church duties for them to also be able to help the Administration in the endeavors of the Church. Afterwards, Brother Danilo Gala Jr., assistant district supervising minister, led the congregation in a prayer.

Having attended the said gathering, Adriel Bustique, KADIWA officer, and Children’s Worship Service area president from the Local Congregation of Projects 2&3, said, “I will strive to be fully dedicated to performing my God-given duties, and I will also help in encouraging other brethren to accept Church duties.”

“We can see that the Church officers are united in encouraging other brethren to accept Church duties to be of help to the Administration in keeping the brethren active, firm, and steadfast in the faith,” Brother Ysagun, expressed.

“The Church Administration expects that the officers will become more zealous and active in serving God,” said Brother Del Rosario. “Church officers must remain dedicated to their duties so that even if there are hardships and sorrows, they will never cease in taking care of the brethren entrusted under their care.” — With reports from INC News Section