Tunghai, Longjing and Kaohsiung in Taiwan South hold evangelical mission


Date Posted: October 19, 2023

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Two local congregations—Tunghai, Longjing and Kaohsiung City—in the Ecclesiastical District of Taiwan South held evangelical missions on September 16 and 19, 2023, respectively.

Led by the assistant district supervising minister, Brother Sixto Gansit Jr., the proclamation of God’s words which the brethren from the Tunghai, Longjing Congregation unitedly participated with was conducted at a park along Gingke Rd in Nantun District, Taichung City, Taiwan.

On the other hand, the one in Kaohsiung City was held at the congregation’s place of worship and was led by the district supervising minister, Brother Mayonel Taal.

In both gatherings, the ministers taught a timely biblical lesson of being fully prepared for the worst catastrophic event that is yet to happen when Judgment Day comes. Hence, since no one knows the exact day and time of that dreadful day, people must be prepared by joining the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) to ensure salvation.

Maybelen Reyes, a secretariat and Light of Salvation officer from the Tunghai, Longjing Congregation, said, “I invited my friends and colleagues to the evangelical mission because I want them to be saved. God wants all people to know about the truth and how they can attain salvation. So, participating in the works of propagation is indeed necessary and truly pleasing to the Lord.” — With reports from Clark Lester Peralta and Alfred Tan