Youth members in Tokyo, Japan District share the true faith during Youth Summit


Date Posted: June 1, 2022

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On May 13, 2022, during the recently held Christian Family Youth Summit, KADIWA and Binhi members from the Ecclesiastical district of Tokyo, Japan, shared the true faith with their friends and loved ones who are not yet members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ). They did this by inviting them over to their respective places of worship, including those of Hamamatsu and Okinawa congregations, to learn about God’s words.

During the activity, brethren and guests watched a video presentation hosted by Church Of Christ ministers about Christian values and Bible-based teachings that the Church upholds. An audio recording in Nihongo provides understanding for native speakers during the presentations.

“I want to share my faith with my friends because I wanted them to receive salvation,” said Ichiro Mizumuto, a Binhi from the Local Congregation of Yokohama.

Brother Manny Benedicto, the district supervising minister, supervised the activity. He said, “This activity shows the love and care of the Church Administration and wanted to make sure that youth members guided continuously with God’s teachings for them to uphold a righteous way of life and services to the Lord God.”

“I can show my conviction by obeying God’s teachings that we receive during our worship services. Such teachings edify our faith and also leads to the growth of the Church Of Christ in its entirety,” said Claire Ponce, a KADIWA from the Yokohama Congregation. — With reports from INC News Section