‘Youth Summit’ in Eastern Ontario warns youth about danger of social media misuse


Date Posted: December 14, 2023

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Christian youth must stand their ground against false beliefs that social media influencers promote. Such admonition grounded in the words of the Bible was relayed during the ‘Christian Family Youth Summit’ that was held by every local congregation in the Ecclesiastical District of Eastern Ontario, Canada, on November 18, 2023.

The KADIWA and Binhi members watched an informative video presentation, which addressed social issues that the youth face today, such as the negative effects of social media, which include peer pressure, on-screen violence, depression, and many others.


Educated on how to deal with these matters at hand, the youth were also encouraged to fully trust in the Lord God so that no matter what happens, they remain members of the true Church, never swayed by the wickedness prevailing in this world.

After the video presentation, an interactive discussion followed. The youth first shared their thoughts and concerns. Then, their concerns were addressed through the counsel of their respective resident ministers or ministerial workers. Through the forum, the young members learned the proper approach in dealing with sources of false beliefs, and that is through an uncompromising obedience to God’s will.

 “This youth summit did not only strengthen our bond but also served as a reminder of our reason for being,” said Trisha Mae Pestano, KADIWA president of Markham Congregation. “For this activity we are grateful to the Church Administration, especially to our beloved Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.” — With reports from INC News Section