‘Always live in accordance with God’s will’ — special gathering in Nagoya highlight


Date Posted: November 21, 2023

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Always live in accordance with God’s will so as not to be enticed and influenced by wickedness in this world. This was the biblical message highlighted during the special gathering in the Ecclesiastical District of Nagoya, Japan held on October 22, 2023 to commemorate the KADIWA and Binhi’s 50th anniversary.

Brother Manny Benedicto, district supervising minister, officiated the special gathering at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Nagoya, the main site, wherein young brethren from other local congregations gathered at their respective houses of worship connected through livestreaming.

“The Church Administration is guiding and teaching God’s words written in the Bible to ensure that the Church youth will receive the blessing God lays in store for them, especially salvation on Judgment Day,” Brother Benedicto said in an interview after the gathering.

“I will continue living in holiness,” said Stefan Omelda, KADIWA president in the Local Congregation of Osaka. “That must be upheld now more than ever when evil deeds are rampant. It should not influence us youth nor affect our services to God.”

Her fellow youth from the same congregation, Heide Canonizado, said the gathering was “a blessed occasion” and inspired her to strive remaining “strong in the faith by being always diligent in fulfilling [her] God-given duties inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ).” — With reports from Stephanie Delos Reyes of INC News Section