Bangsar Buklod fosters love of brotherhood via hiking


Date Posted: October 13, 2023

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Married couples from the Local Congregation of Bangsar, Ecclesiastical District of Malaysia, took the opportunity not only to appreciate nature, but also to foster love of brotherhood through a “Fun Hiking” activity held on September 16, 2023 at Taman Tugu Park in Kuala Lumpur.

Led by Brother Eric Charlton Flores, ministerial worker, the couples traversed the three-kilometer forest trail of the 66-acre forest park. Through the activity, the brethren not only were able to bond with one another, but also able to exercise through walking.

“As a family, we love to be with nature. We usually come and do our regular exercise with our kids,” James Jabadan, said. “It was a great activity to hike along the brethren in our local congregation, and enjoy the fresh air,” his wife, Maricar, added.

“I really love outdoor activities. That’s why when I heard about this activity in our local congregation, I felt excited to join and be with the brethren. This served as our bonding, as well as my regular exercise,” Marni Dizon, expressed.

“This activity that we are doing is important to us physically because it gives us a chance to go out and exercise which is something that we need especially in these times that we are busy,” Brother Flores, stated. “It’s also a chance for the brethren to get together, and most especially, because of this exercise, we’ll be able to better use our bodies to serve our Almighty God.” — With reports from Cristina Samonte of INC News Section