Canberra Congregation share the true faith through music


Date Posted: October 14, 2023

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Through musical performances of brethren in the Local Congregation of Canberra, Ecclesiastical District of Australia East, God’s words were conveyed to guests gathered at the Albert Hall, Canberra during a musical evangelical mission on September 12, 2023.

Brother Seth Guttierez, district supervising minister, led the brethren prior, during, and after the event. “The brethren here in our district are always united in all the works of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ). And with God’s help, they were able to invite guests for today’s musical presentation. These events really inspire them to obey God’s commands,” he affirmed.

Brother Guttierez welcomed the attendees, thanking them for giving time to attend the event. The musical performances of the brethren then ensued.

“To be able to use my God-given talents in serving the Father in heaven and in helping people know the truth about salvation is my real consolation in life. We practiced a lot for this event and I am thankful to see it has been a success,” said Jody Villanueva, a choir member from the Local Congregation of Dean Park.

 The songs performed not only highlighted to the guests that the true religion is the Church Of Christ but also iterated biblical prophecies that affirm the divine election of the Church in these last days.

“We felt the cheer of the Church members so warm. We’re so happy to be here. The songs were so entertaining,” said Aggie Simmons with husband Daryl, who were among the guests. Simmons added, “More than the serenading tune, the lyrics were worthwhile to focus on. They contained God’s words that indeed is necessary for us to follow.” They both enlisted as doctrinal instructees afterwards. — With reports from Rohnzel Castro of INC News Section