Care For Humanity held in Budapest, Hungary


Date Posted: October 19, 2023

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Part of the celebration of the Church’s 50th year in Europe, brethren in the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe extended their helping hands to their fellowmen in Budapest, Hungary, on September 24, 2023, during a Care For Humanity event, held in the Danubius Hotel Hungaria.

“The Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) continues to hold activities such as the Care For Humanity, because this is in accordance with the commandment of God that we should help those who are in need,” said Brother Vizar E. Balcita, district supervising minister. He added, “Not only do we provide material assistance, but more importantly, share with them the words of God, which may serve as their spiritual guidance for them to be brought closer to Him.”

The event began with a video presentation that gave a brief introduction about the Church Of Christ and its works in different parts of the world. Afterwards, the attendees were treated with musical performances of INC Original Music by select brethren in the district.

Before the Care For Humanity packages were handed out to the guests, Brother Balcita shared with them the biblical basis of the Church Of Christ in conducting activities like this, as well as some of the fundamental teachings of the Bible upheld by the Church.

“We are so happy when we received care packages from the Iglesia Ni Cristo, since these are things we really need. Big help such as this cannot be experienced anywhere else,” said Roldan Pilar, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), who was invited to the event. When asked about the message that he heard from the supervising minister, Roldan conveyed, “There are different religions, but in the Iglesia Ni Cristo, what you hear is the truth from the Bible.”

Currently, the Budapest, Hungary Group Worship Service (GWS) is held at Edömér u.4, 1113 Budapest, Hungary. Its resident minister, Brother Glen Louie Barcebal, said, “We hope that we were of help to those whom we have invited to this activity.” — With reports from Anna Dulin of INC News Section