Church officers in Italy South reminded of values to uphold


Date Posted: September 27, 2023

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In the Ecclesiastical District of Italy South, the Church officers received essential reminders of the Christian values that they should uphold and develop as helpers of the Administration in caring for the Church.

This was during a special gathering they, together with other brethren being recruited to hold Church duties, held on September 3, 2023.

Church officers from the local congregations within the city of Rome gathered in the house of worship of the Rome Congregation. The rest of the congregations, as well as group worship services connected through livestreaming.

Officiating minister Brother Dyland M. Ramos emphasized to the congregants, through his Bible-based homily, the importance of fulfilling one’s obligations moved by love and concern for the Church. The district supervising minister reminded them that God expects full devotion from those whom He entrusted to be Church officers in performing their respective functions. Moreover, he reassured them that God will never forsake but provide for His faithful and dedicated servants.

“The message during the special gathering really touched our hearts,” said Joselito San Vicente, head deacon of the Rome Congregation. I can say that we were spiritually energized. Likewise, it was a refresher for us and a reminder how blessed we are that we received a great gift from God.”

In an interview after the sacred gathering, Brother Ramos, said, “Here in the District of Italy South, from the ministers and ministerial workers to all Church officers, we will be united in love in taking care of our brothers and sisters in the faith and in making sure that they become mature in faith, so all of us will attain the promised salvation.” — With reports from Nicole Constantino of INC News Section