Convention in Australia East enhances choir members’ skills


Date Posted: July 11, 2023

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Singing hymns of praises is an integral part of worship services inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), which is why choir members give their best effort, even in rehearsing, to not only develop their singing abilities but most importantly to glorify God.

For this reason, the Ecclesiastical District of Australia East hosted the Choir Convention on June 11, 2023. Delegates traveled either by car or plane to the Vardys Road Public School, Blacktown City, Sydney, Australia.

“The day of the event was fully-packed with segments of music theory seminars, voice development workshops, and musical performances. Like myself, fellow choir members had to travel for hours to reach the venue but all our efforts were worth it,” said Cherry Llaneta Espiritu from the Local Congregation of Croydon Park, New South Wales.

Commencing the event, Brother Seth Gutierrez, district supervising minister, reminded the choir members that their part in leading the brethren in singing hymns of praises, especially when they gather for worship, is vital. For this, he added, augmenting their God-given talents to praise Him was the central point of the event.

Seminars and workshops were done in three batches. Topics varied from voice control, voice blending, tone, among others. In between the discussions, attendees were given chances to present their queries on the subjects.

Capping off the day-long event were the musical performances of choir groups, wherein they applied what they learned from the convention.

“We were edified, we shared happy moments together. We learned a lot about music and vocal usage. Since it is my ardent desire to give my utmost best in singing praises to the Lord, this activity was so helpful,” said Elizabeth De Gula from the Local Congregation of Bankstown, New South Wales. — With reports from Heidi Yañez of INC News Section