District-wide baptisms held in Tokyo, Japan


Date Posted: August 26, 2023

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The continued efforts of the brethren in the works of salvation in the Ecclesiastical District of Tokyo, Japan have also regularly yielded more “fruits”, that is, converts into the true Christian faith in every period. This was evident once again during the district-wide baptisms held in the month of July.

The first of the said gatherings for the formal admission of new members to the Church took place on July 7, 2023, at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Saitama. Weeks after, on July 28, 2023, another baptism was conducted at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Ichikawa.

Brother Amante Rodriguez, district supervising minister, officiated at both occasions during which he taught the prospective members to value their membership in the Church by living in obedience to God’s teachings they received and serve Him faithfully in order to be saved on Judgment Day.

 “I first learned (about the Church Of Christ) when my mother told me about it and we went to the worship service together,” Miyu Katsumata, one of the newly baptized from the Local Congregation of Gunma, disclosed in an interview. “When we got there, everyone was very kind to me and I heard many new things that I never had heard before which motivated me to continue listening to the doctrines upheld by the Church.”

Jennifer Catimbang, a Church officer from the same congregation, expressed, “I am so glad to see her (Miyu) undergoing the process of Church membership until she received baptism.”

Miyu added, “I am very grateful to God for calling me in the Church. And I vow to continue to be faithful to Him and remain in the Church until the very end.”

“We are grateful to God for more prospective members who have been baptized in our district this month, we promised that we will continue to share our faith to our fellow people for them to receive salvation on the Day of Judgment,” said Brother Gerald Lico, district Light Of Salvation (LOS) overseer and resident minister of the Tokyo Congregation. — With reports from Jansen Danganan of INC News Section