‘Himig ng Kaligtasan’ in Bulacan East culminates, lauds talented youth


Date Posted: June 12, 2023

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The Ecclesiastical District of Bulacan East, in the Philippines, culminated on May 21, 2023 its version of the singing competition dubbed “Himig ng Kaligtasan (Songs of Salvation) KADIWA and Binhi” at the indoor gymnasium of the First City Providential College, San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan.

Comprising a mix of KADIWA and Binhi members, each of the 14 choral groups that competed presented their respective renditions of INC original music.

 “We were so excited for this moment. Our journey towards the finals did not only offer us chance to improve ourselves but, above all, we know that doing this is pleasing to the Almighty God Who gave us the talents we have,” said John Guiller Mangali, an organist from the Local Congregation of Maharlika, whose choral group was declared the overall champion. Meanwhile, that of the Local Congregation of Sapang Palay became the first runner-up, and those from the local congregations of Harmony Hills and San Jose Del Monte City were tied at the second runner-up position.

Select choir directors in the district served as the panel of judges. They evaluated the competitors based on stage presence, tone, timbre, mastery, interpretation, and audience impact.

“As one of the organizers, seeing the event a success has been fulfilling. All the glory we give back to God. Moments like this all the more emphasizes that being active in Church endeavors not only helps us improve ourselves but also draws us nearer to God,” shared Mark Bautista, KADIWA district president. — With reports from Maureen Shane Pagulayan of INC News Section