Makati District Church officers’ faith reinforced in special gathering


Date Posted: October 4, 2023

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“It is a great blessing to have a Church duty in the Iglesia Ni Cristo. It brings us closer to God,” declared Mirsdel Sheera De Leon, a secretary with the Local Congregation of Proprietarios.

That strong conviction, which she shared with fellow Church officers, was further reinforced during the special gathering that they held on September 4, 2023.

Church officers from the local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Makati, in Metro Manila, Philippines, gathered at the Pasay Congregation’s house of worship to offer thanks and praises to God for His keeping them in His trust. Moreover, they were taught His words that further inspired to continue fulfilling their respective duties in the Church with all devotion.

Brother Diosdado F. Dades, the district supervising minister, officiated at the sacred gathering, during which he reminded the congregants of the significance of their Church duties and of the great privilege of being gifted by God with them. Their utmost dedication, he reassured them through biblical verses, would bring them closer to Him and His abundant graces.

“I feel blessed and inspired,” said Ignicris Alera, head deacon in the Local Congregation of Sacramento, in an interview after the gathering.  “I promise to continue fervently fulfilling my duties to further be of help to the Church Administration in caring for the brethren entrusted to our care.” — With assistance from Makati District Multimedia