Malaysia District evangelical mission focuses on gaining eternal life


Date Posted: October 9, 2023

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The Ecclesiastical District of Malaysia held an evangelical mission on September 8, 2023 involving all congregations and groups in their continued efforts to proclaim the gospel of salvation. 

The study of God’s words led by Brother Dino C. Bellen, thus, focused on giving premium on the eternal and spiritual over the temporal and worldly. He pointed out that though striving for things in this life is not wrong in itself yet one should strive more to attain everlasting life in the Holy City, which, as he proved through the Bible verses, is by joining the true Church Of Christ.

The timely and relevant biblical message delivered by the district’s Light Of Salvation (LOS) overseer from the Local Congregation of Bangsar’s house of worship was also heard in the remote sites—the rest of the congregations’ places of worship—connected through livestreaming.

“We continue to hold evangelical missions like this, in unity with the Church Administration, to spread the words of God and share our faith, especially with our loved ones who are not yet members of the Church Of Christ,” said Brother Marlo R. Borrero, resident ministerial worker of the Bangsar Congregation. “May God will that they, too, come to know the truth and be saved come the Day of Judgment.” — With reports from Janica Bayona of INC News Section