North Point celebrates 6th anniversary thru musical evangelical mission


Date Posted: July 22, 2023

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“The best way we could thank God for blessing us throughout the years is to share our faith and let others know about the Church Of Christ. Through this, we could also be of help to the Church Administration in intensifying the work of propagation,” said Eric Borja, a head deacon from the Local Congregation of North Point, Ecclesiastical District of Hong Kong.

On June 22, 2023, the brethren in North Point once again united in proclaiming God’s words through a musical evangelical mission as they celebrated the congregation’s sixth anniversary. The momentous occasion was held at the Kin Choi Community Hall along King Ling Road in North Point, Hong Kong.

As soon as the guests and brethren filled the venue, the study of God’s words led by the district supervising minister, Brother Noer Misa, began. He reiterated, through the Holy Scriptures, what distinguishes the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) from other religions. Not only does it faithfully adhere to God’s teachings in the Bible, but most importantly, one who joins it has the hope of receiving the promised salvation.


Jhilet Betongga, one of the guests, observed how the teachings of God were presented to them during the activity. “I’ve noticed that everything [the minister] taught to us was purely based from the Bible. If there would be another opportunity to listen and know more about the Church, I will definitely come,” she said.

Afterwards, talented brethren from various Christian Family Organizations (CFO) rendered Iglesia Ni Cristo original songs to bring delight and inspiration to the attendees.

“We express our thanks to the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, for his continuous guidance and love. We also thank him for allowing us to celebrate the congregation’s anniversary,” said Brother Romy Villaganas, resident minister. “We vow to continue in actively participating in all of the Church activities and in propagation of the words of God.” — With reports from Rossana Soriano of INC News Section