Northern Europe spreads God’s words to different countries


Date Posted: July 8, 2023

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The memberships of Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) congregations under the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe, which are located in nine countries, keeps on growing, with the Lord’s help, as the members remain one with the Church Administration in dedicating themselves to their duty of sharing the pure gospel with their fellowmen.

On June 9, 2023, a district-wide evangelical mission was conducted, in which all congregations participated, thus, spreading the pure gospel in Sweden, Hungary, Denmark, Norway, Oslo, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, and Russia.

“The [members of the] Church Of Christ continues to help in the missionary efforts and the spreading of the gospel,” said Brother Vizar Balcita, the district supervising minister. “The activity aims to reach out to many people of the world in different countries so that they too will know who the One true God is and do the right way of worship,” adding that “people will attain salvation by receiving the knowledge of the truth.”

Brother Balcita, who preached at the Oslo Congregation, led all ministers designated to officiate at the said evangelistic meetings held in places of worship of congregations in major cities or urban areas. Congregations in remote areas   connected such places through videoconferencing.

A guest of the Vienna Center Congregation by the name of Elfie Roringer, said in German, “I felt much better. It was an impressive and awesome experience, especially since I am Jewish. It was great to hear this. As an open-minded person, I was open in listening today.” She added, “The preacher was reciting the Bible with much feeling, heartful, and enthusiasm. I am very impressed and thankful that I was able to attend.”

“We are so happy because we invited our friends and relatives to our evangelical mission today,” said Brother Joel Catalan, the assistant district supervising minister, who officiated at Vienna Center Congregation. “We will do our best to share God’s teachings with our fellowmen in different countries,” he continued. — With reports from Richelle Liz Cerri of INC News Section