Port Moresby brethren learn flower arrangement, watch ‘Kahoy’


Date Posted: October 29, 2023

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Floral and Balloon Arrangement tutorial first, film showing the next. These were the two consecutive Christian Family Organizations (CFO) activities that the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members from the Local Congregation of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Ecclesiastical District of Australia West, actively participated in on September 29, 2023.

Led by Brother Mark Jayson Montes, resident minister, the brethren gathered within the congregation’s compound. Melanie Ondra, deaconess, together with fellow CFO officers taught them the basic flower and balloon arrangement for various purposes.

“This tutorial is a great help in decorating venues, especially during events in our congregation,” Melanie said. “This could also be a potential source of additional income for the brethren.”

After the tutorial, the brethren proceeded to the congregation’s function hall to watch the Christian Era Broadcasting Services Inc. (CEBSI) film Kahoy. The film reminded them, among other true Christian beliefs and values, about the folly of putting one’s trust in graven images, rather than the true God.

In his closing remarks, Brother Montes reiterated to the attendees the Bible’s prohibition of idolatry. He encouraged them to always have faith and worship only the one true God, the Father in Heaven. — With reports from Quiza Quiñola of INC News Section